Friday, July 15, 2011

A City's Survival

We loved its highways
Its old smell
Its new smell
We loved its corners
Loved its traffic lights
Loved the lines of clothes off its balconies
The metric system used in its traffic signs
We loved its main streets
Its narrow paths
Its wide boulevards
We loved its cobblestone sidewalks
We loved its trees
Its lack of greenery too.

At a stone's throw away
Freshly brewed tea in the ever-boiling pot in the kitchen
Our cafes and restaurants
All the pieces of memories that we had put together in years -
They were there
Although in silence
It was more likely that we bumped into an old friend in the street
More so than bumping into a stranger we never intended to meet.

And the city slept at nights
People slept in their beds
People slept in the dark alleys behind the almost black garbage cans
In the morning they helped create traffic
In the afternoon, trying to escape it, they created it again and again.
People everywhere, in the cabs, on the bus, in the metro, in their cars, on their motorbikes
Sweat, perfume sprayed over stinky clothes, urine.
The black fog over the city
Spread from south to north
Traveling over the mountain
We never questioned our mountain.

Highways got us lost
Streets did not smile at us;
An old dingy sprawling capital
of a faded archaic treasure growing westward,
eastward, upward,
trying to conquer all possible lands
that stuck in the swamp itself and survived orally only.

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