Friday, July 15, 2011


as always
so much to do
but rather
sit here
a note
to you.

Externally Inspired Eternally

I am crazy indeed
all turned me down and suddenly
among those all
a deep feeling of satisfaction
rose high against the evil walls
and took me through
and I, hushful
"There is still the go".

God in the Street

Wow my God
I saw you
I saw you in the street

Wow my God
you looked intriguing

If I had met you sooner
I would have risen in love with you

and now we are husband and wife.

Obeying Rules

The holy books
prevent us from
entering a field
without the owner's
when he is gone.

So let's
leave this land
and not come back
until the landlord
shows up.

The Worst

At least this dead body
of the lover
whose love was true
is dead only
not gone
into the million breathers,

But this dead love
of the body
still alive
but gone
into the million
eternal departure,


People were dry and I was wet
Walking down the streets with myself as my own lover;
They were empty and I was full
Of water, of water, of water.

People call this Madam-Monsieur weather
I call it stupid rain
For it doesn't know on whom to fall
On me
Or on those who take out their umbrellas
Wishing the trees be thirsty again.


The mirror into which we look
every morning
growing pretty;

I've set you a mirror
not out of glass
but of words,
to shine in.

What Is It?

Poetry is not reality
It is beauty
In its deformest forms;

We don't need reality,
We meet it each and every day
We need the unseen, untouched, undone.

Under the White Mess

Whole town is white
people will find their way in

you only
lost, out, excluded
always at your beginning.

Intense Love

Take me out,
Then take me in

to your heart,
to your house too.


One might wonder
that I would rather
be a sun
than a star
but what one might not consider
is that
the sun
is only one
a star
neighbouring stars.

It's always better to live in a
community that has borrowed its light
from an eternal external source,
than to be the ONE

Although for ages
have told the reverse.

Who bears such
else than
who go aloof
not noticing me?

Tehran University

It was one of those phrases
that shake you to your very core,
that replays the past scenes of your life
on the big TV screen;
It was one of those lines
where your eyes get blind and
you can't see anymore;
It was one of those phrases
that memory has crammed inside itself for so long
that suddenly
it is time
to blurt it out.

The Year Gone By

Returning to this year,
all the years ahead
wishing to return to this year,
this one year
this one best year
this one, passed, best year
this only perfect year in my life
with all its imperfection

wishing to return to this year;
dreaming of it at nights and
writing books about it in the
early hours of the afternoon
alone with myself and a cup of tea
(i will never get drunk on coffee
tea will always remain my drink
as a habit you shaped in me
as a symbol of all the habits that you shaped in me)

this year will remain with me
as it was
golden, blue, green,
with little flakes of snow
here and there;

like that cup of tea
that red, brownish, cup of leaves
soaking in water as if drowning
drowning and dead
wishing to rise again,
this year will always remain with me

None of it will move in my head
none of it will differ
none of it will become better
or will get eternal

this year as it was
with leaves of red here and there
and little shades of white on the ground

this year
as it was
as it will always be,
eternally be
with all its mortality.

Unjust World

I never believed that we are all the same to God,
That he loves us all the same,
invests the same amount of time and fortune on all of us,
It would be so unfair;
Some of us are not as promising
and as good as the others,
some of us are just a body and a face,
some of us- we have raindrops in our hair,
the sun beams on our forehead,
birds encircle us like a galaxy,
we breathe out gold and sapphire.

I never believed that we are all the same to God,
Never will.

The Journey Out

There was a little
a fine little sane girl that
never smoked or
slept with strangers
but instead
did all the things that people said she should;
they claimed it a way to be safe;
avoiding all of which later,
became herself.

There was a tiny little smile
she always wore on her face
and everybody was happy with her
but one day
one rainy day as she remembers
she decided to start her journey out.

And here
she is:
On her way

not there yet.

Hands of Wind

Winds blow in Canada and it storms in cold seasons,
it wrecks the fields, the farms, the poor,
nature blows into its whistle,
a climatic phenomenon,
no human hands backstage.

In a land of much more moderate weather,
winds are less natural than they are artificial,

Only human hands against human hands can rise.
Not religion that comes from above.
Only weak, imperfect human hands.

This time, leave us alone.

Six Lines

Our Green started in summer
after the spring of hopes dried.

They cried.

Out of this drought,
I will bloom flowers tied to the ground.

Middle Number

You are not my first love,
first loves are bound to disappear.
You are not my first love,
I have loved a million times before you,
long enough to know that
none of those compared to this.

When they left, I said,
"Along comes another one",
when you left, I looked at myself from above,
saw my own body dismissed from the earth.

You are not my first love,
first loves do not outlive our own selves.


They all do the same things
over and over
and over again;
with a bit of change in the colour
of the flowers they pick for Valentine,
and a bit of change in the pattern
of the shirt underneath their suit;

they change their manifesto but
turn out to have the same goals:
You! Hey! In the corner,
you should come out, join the crowd
and enjoy your lonely alcohol late at night in the bar,
and, damn it, where are your friends, fellow?

Join our club, we have an 'ist' at the end of our name,
we're the hot topic they all talk about;
you, you who are sitting there alone sipping coffee,
does anyone ever talk about 'you' too?

They have their twists in fate and some
even happen to really mean what they say,
and have a story to stick to but lack something:
where is 'my' story?

Which is unique, is pale,
was unwanted at first and then
grew like a weed
through their walls,
to their warm beds,
haunted them in the shower,
dropped them dead the minute they finally heard it.

Simply Love

More and more
I love you
from before
we met;
thanks to the centuries
that built up to this day;
thanks to the tyrants and autocrats
that did not kill your grandfathers;
thanks to those who did not follow into the dream of you and wreck it,
thanks to their boundaries,
thanks to those that built their houses apart from you and
allowed you to breathe this sunshine every morning
before I could
wake up,
open my window,
and breathe the same sunshine
in another part of the world.

Berlin Wall

I crossed the Berlin wall
for the first time and I was not shot.

Moving westward to the stranger lands,
and always eastword back home again.

Where did I leave my jacket though,
did I not know it's cold in the west?

I have crossed walls since the lighter years
to trap the sun and not let go of the day.

I have crossed walls and tried to catch what
is on top, always in the distance, not coming down.

I crossed the Berlin wall again
and I survived one more time.

Two more times, three, four, infinite times and then
Bang! I was dead.

But my death had nothing to do with the Berlin wall,
and yet, think of it as you mourn me with regret.

Too Much Likeness Kills

The way her life ends,
in the river Ouse*
or in a kitchen oven in Fitzroy Road in London**;
A woman,
a poet,
a talented writer,
who is her husband? her lover?

A companion just like herself,
a man who writes poetry as well,
and understands the importance of rhyming sometimes,
and not, the others;
a man with a publishing house,
who devotes all his energy to the papers.

But what is it there,
in the oven,
that burns and glimmers?
What does she see in the river?

Another lover, perhaps,
a lover that understands the simpleness of life,
who tells her at nights that she is the one,
no matter how many poems she has written,
or is going to write.
A man so unlike Leonard,
or Ted,
that can grab her and show her the way out
of the abyss
she keeps falling
and into.

Not just another being with her own self,
but a completely different man,
whose fire burns elsewhere,
whose eyes catch her worldliness;

Someone to show you around,
and teach you how to really live,
despite your poetry or whatever shitty art it is you do.

Dreamer with dreamer
drowns in the river,
or else explodes in the kitchen.


The City from Which We All Rose One Day

What has become of you,
my city.

Rambling through the dust,
I hear you walk by.

Streets changed their names,
Houses got demolished and were built again;
Houses on top of houses,
Highways bridging south and north, east and west,
Roads leading to the outskirts,
Big houses turned into a million small ones.

People inside changed decorations,
changed ideas,
changed partners,
blocked out old friends,
built new streets to move towards the unknown.

And yet,
your name always the same remains,
stamped on my itinerary.

September Night Melancholy

I dreaded losing my joyous
face, my safe happiness,
Each summer that went by my crooked nest.

Winters were a comfort; the cold, windy streets,
I would hide under their white bushes
With my boots on. Me. Me.

But spring, O, Spring!
When spring came,
Summer drew closer, you, summer, you, us. We -again.
How did it first get to this?
I opened my eyes and today was at my window.

Spring draws further,
You draw further,
I become a feather stuck to a tiny crack in the cobblestones of the street,
Trying, in vain,
To flee with the first autumn breeze.


That day I heard:
Your footsteps walking by me!

Forever haunting us:

Many clouds filled the sky:
Stars blocked,
Paths forever past, behind.

The road that was one:
twisted into a thousand different roads!

My gaze:
Reluctant to let go. Dim.

Till from the path behind
blooms an ivy road,
leading you back.

A City's Survival

We loved its highways
Its old smell
Its new smell
We loved its corners
Loved its traffic lights
Loved the lines of clothes off its balconies
The metric system used in its traffic signs
We loved its main streets
Its narrow paths
Its wide boulevards
We loved its cobblestone sidewalks
We loved its trees
Its lack of greenery too.

At a stone's throw away
Freshly brewed tea in the ever-boiling pot in the kitchen
Our cafes and restaurants
All the pieces of memories that we had put together in years -
They were there
Although in silence
It was more likely that we bumped into an old friend in the street
More so than bumping into a stranger we never intended to meet.

And the city slept at nights
People slept in their beds
People slept in the dark alleys behind the almost black garbage cans
In the morning they helped create traffic
In the afternoon, trying to escape it, they created it again and again.
People everywhere, in the cabs, on the bus, in the metro, in their cars, on their motorbikes
Sweat, perfume sprayed over stinky clothes, urine.
The black fog over the city
Spread from south to north
Traveling over the mountain
We never questioned our mountain.

Highways got us lost
Streets did not smile at us;
An old dingy sprawling capital
of a faded archaic treasure growing westward,
eastward, upward,
trying to conquer all possible lands
that stuck in the swamp itself and survived orally only.

Wall Memories

That's my life
Hanging on the wall..

The Pictorial

A tiny nothing
Swimming in a world filled with nothings
Raving nothings
Nothings that know hunger
Nothings that know speed.

A black hole.
On a white canvas that
From far, far away
Looks blue.

Ivy on the Brick Wall

I thought I was a girl of a thousand lands,
vaster, a million lands.
I traveled far and deep into the winter
and found myself a girl without even one
place to call mine.

Maybe if I could buy a house
in a secluded part of town
grow plants in its garden
and water them every morning,
maybe then I could call that place mine,
and with it a whole town,
a whole city,
a whole country would rise to meet and salute me:
"Welcome foreigner! Welcome to your home!"

What Could Kill You

You would not die from having no paintings
From having no statues to look at
From having no magnanimous pieces of architected edifice
From having no photographs of your memories long past

But you would certainly die without music
and poetry
and words put into melody

Inspiration would still be there too
it could arise from the views
the humans
the madmen

not the picture,
but the picturesque land.